About Us

Tri- County Commons
Springdale, Ohio

About Cotswold Group

The Cotswold Group has owned and managed commercial property since 1983. We currently own properties in 8 states on the East coast and Midwest. We specialize in adding value to properties. We do this through vision, design/implementation, and persistence.

Core Principles

When we acquire a property we have a vision
in terms of how to improve the property
and how to translate our dream into reality.

We realize the potential of our properties using our excellent contractor base, our management systems, and our leasing teams.

We are long term owners of property and are not dismayed by setbacks or by frustration. We just keep pushing various strategies to fill our properties.

Tenants like to deal with us because our word is our bond and we complete projects on time. We are able to offer tenants multiple site locations.